Memphis and Nashville Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing a federal criminal indictment, it is crucial that you obtain a criminal defense attorney with experience in federal court as soon as possible. I handle many types of federal criminal cases in the Northern District of Mississippi, the Western District of Tennessee, as well as the Court of Appeals for the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Circuits.

Federal court practice has many unique laws, rules, and procedures that require special knowledge and experience to navigate. The federal sentencing guidelines, federal statutes, including mandatory minimums, safety valves, as well as the local rules, prosecutorial practices, and possibility for cooperation, all may substantially differ when compared to those in state court.

A federal case may also require many weeks, months, or years to prepare for a complex contested trial or to negotiate a favorable plea agreement. Despite differences in factual circumstances of a case, the sooner that you hire an attorney, the faster your case will likely be resolved, and the more probable that your defense attorney will be able to achieve the best outcome available in your case’s unique circumstances.

United States Supreme Court

Northern District of Mississippi

Western District of Tennessee

Middle District of Tennessee

Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

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