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Memphis Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee

Attorney Matt Gulotta handles all types of criminal cases in the Memphis, Tennessee area, including federal court in the Western District of Tennessee, and at 201 Poplar, as well as Germantown and Collierville. He is familiar with many of the judges and prosecutors who are so important to the fair disposition of a criminal case, and will fight for your rights and for justice, even if the police, adverse witnesses, and prosecution are diligently arguing against your case and are seeking a criminal conviction.

A list of the types of criminal cases he handles include assault, driving while license suspended / revoked / cancelled, no driver’s license, all types of drug charges (marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, etc.), domestic assault, DUI / DWI, speeding tickets, other misc. speeding and traffic tickets including CDL tickets, theft of property and shoplifting, and more, see bottom of page.

Anyone facing a criminal charge should not delay, and hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A case may be quickly resolved with dismissal, plea agreement, or other settlement, or it may require weeks, months or years to prepare for a complex contested trial. Despite the differences in factual circumstances of your case , the sooner that you hire an attorney, the faster your case will likely be resolved, and the more likely that your defense attorney will be able to achieve the best outcome available in your case’s unique circumstances.

Please fill out the Contact Form below if you have any questions or need representation on a general sessions criminal, or criminal court case involving a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Tennessee Criminal Offenses

Burglary, reckless driving, selling alcohol to a minor, violation of financial law, viol of vehicle registration law, disorderly conduct, criminal tresspass, public intoxication, refusal to submit to bac test, driving u/influence intox/drugs, poss of cont substance marijuana, violation of probation, improper passing on left, assault-bodily harm, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, operate car w/reflectorized windows, fail to exercise due care, passing bad checks, gambling, reckless driving, contempt of court, criminal attempt or solicitation, domestic violence, child abuse, false imprisonment, forgery, identity theft, recklesss endangerment, poss cocaine w/i manufacture/sell/deliver, possession marijuana w/i man/del/sell,accessory after the fact, drug paraphernalia, driving while habitual motor vehicle offender, illegal poss credit/debit card, poss firearm/commission of felony, taking contraband into penal facility, tampering with/fabricating evidence, prostitution, money laundering, child abuse and neglect, evading arrest, resisting lawful detention, fugitive from justice without warrant, burglary – motor vehicle, aggravated robbery, criminal attempt second degree murder, aggravated statutory rape, sexual battery, robbery, vandalism, carjacking, violate bail conditions, and many other misdemeanors and felonies.