Bench Warrants in Memphis

Have you checked the Sheriff’s shelbywarrants website and found that you have a warrant for your arrest? Warrants can come about for several reasons, but a new criminal charge, a missed court date, or a violation of your probation are the most common reasons.

Bench Warrant Attorney in Memphis

If you have a bench warrant due to a missed court date in Memphis, hiring an attorney is likely your best option, as an attorney can advance your case in the proper court and go before the judge asking for a recall of your warrant, which can prevent you from going to jail and having your bond raised and/or revoked. Judges consider many factors in deciding whether or not to recall a bench warrant including why you missed court, and the length of time it took for you to rectify the situation. Many judges have different policies and philosophies as to warrant recalls, so call for an individualized assessment of your situation.

Contact an Attorney and Arrange for a Bench Warrant Recall

Please don’t delay and avoid this serious situation, as the Sheriff will be looking for you to serve the warrant, and take you to jail. Call me as soon as possible and we will quickly schedule a court date to get you back in front of the judge, and on the right side of the law, hopefully with your bail bond intact. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your situation, please give me a call or fill out the contact form below, to set up a telephone consultation on your case.