Driving While License Suspended Attorney

I’m a Memphis lawyer who handles Driving While License Suspended / Revoked / Cancelled (DWLS/R/C) citations, and other driving offenses in Shelby County General Sessions Court. A suspended driver’s license can result from several circumstances, including:  an unpaid ticket or court costs, a wreck without insurance, too many points on your license, or child support. If you find yourself with a suspended license you may find yourself in an unfortunate spiral, where each new citation requires fine money and court costs, and you move further and further away from the goal of “paying off” your license.”

Getting Your Driver License Reinstated can be Complicated

Many people end up with a suspended “license” when they’ve never even taken and passed the driving test, since technically it is your “right” to obtain a license that is suspended, not just the driver license itself. Call me and we will discuss the options available to you to get your license returned, which may include “drive while you pay” programs, Chapter 13, or simply multiple continuances at court so that you can pay down the money owed. The State will often dismiss a driving case if you can obtain your license in a reasonable period of time. Despite the strategy, hiring a lawyer as soon as possible, is always a recommended practice.

Multiple DWLS Citations can Lead to Jail Time!

Also, realize that getting another driving while license suspended citation while other citations are pending may result in you having to go to jail and post bond each time you pick up a new charge, as this is the policy of many general sessions court judges. Another potential pitfall is that the second DWLS can be considered an A misdemeanor, which can ruin your chances for obtaining diversion if you ever have a more serious charge.

Don’t Drive if you Have a Suspended License, but do Call an Attorney

Please make alternative arrangements and don’t drive while your license is suspended, and fill out the Contact Form below if you have any questions or need representation. I also handle regular speeding and traffic tickets and CDL tickets.