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Domestic Assault Lawyer Memphis

Have a Case in Division 10 at 201 Poplar? Call Domestic Assault Attorney Matt Gulotta

Do you have a domestic assault criminal charge against you in the General Sessions Criminal Court at 201 Poplar, in Memphis, Tennessee? A Memphis domestic assault charge is extremely serious and a conviction can have long term life changing consequences. Did you know that in Tennessee a domestic assault is a serious misdemeanor and can result in jail time? Also there are federal consequences to pleading guilty to domestic assault and you will be permanently barred from owning a firearm. If you are charged with domestic assault in Memphis realize that the State can and usually does proceed with charges against you even if the alleged victim does not want to cooperate in your prosecution. Its important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible and begin planning your defense.

Even if matters seem grim, in many cases there are options available to offenders to avoid having the charge go on their permanent record or even get the case dismissed. For example, some people may qualify for a domestic violence assessment (DVAC) and anger management classes, batterer’s intervention, and/or judicial diversion, which can eventually lead to dismissal and/or expungement of the charges. If you find yourself charged with domestic assault in Memphis don’t delay, call me and we will work together to achieve the very best outcome available in your case. Hiring an attorney experienced in domestic assault cases as soon as possible is always the best practice in such serious circumstances.

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