Memphis CDL Ticket Attorney

If you are a commercial truck driver or airline pilot, holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or airline transport pilot certificate (ATP), you are likely well aware of how serious a speeding or traffic ticket can be, as a bad driving record may threaten your livelihood and chances for upward progression in your chosen career. Commercial drivers are held to a very high standard, but are on the road all day, and mistakes and accidents happen to even the very best drivers.

CDL Tickets can Lead to Suspension of Your Commercial License

Points on your license may even lead to suspension of your driving privileges in your state, or disqualification from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. So if your profession depends on maintaining a good record, you will almost certainly benefit from hiring an experienced traffic attorney to fight your ticket. CDL tickets in Memphis, Tennessee, Marion, Arkansas, Desoto, County Mississippi, and the courts of Millington, Collierville, and Germantown are especially difficult because of the aggressive tactics pursued to obtain a conviction. Unfortunately most courts will not dismiss these tickets with court costs, which often leaves a trial as your only option to beat the ticket.

Going to Trial and Appealing if Necessary is Recommended with CDL Tickets

Don’t despair, despite the difficulties ahead, you will almost certainly be better off with an experienced attorney on your side. I have plenty of trial experience and will gladly fight your ticket all the way to trial, and throughout an appeal if necessary. In some cases the State will give up if you aggressively contest your ticket, so being willing to go all the way is usually a beneficial strategy, and may be the only way to win.

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